Business Booth

$450.00 USD
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Business Booths are reserved for vendors of products and services
  • Booth Size 8ft x 10ft (single), 8ft x 20ft (double and premium) with a 9ft ceiling
  • Premium business booths will be customized for high visibility. Will be located in high traffic areas
  • Mini booths will be just a table. It may not have dividing rods or curtains and may be placed anywhere, any corners, any open spots or spaces between other booths.
  • All booths will be allocated on a first come first serve basis
  • One or two tables will be provided for single, double/premium booths respectively as part of the booth price. Additional tables can be purchased separately
  • Includes 1 ticket for mini booths, 2 tickets for single booths, 4 tickets for double booths and 6 tickets for premium booths
  • Electrical outlets should be purchased separately
  • Food Sales are strictly prohibited in these booths
  • By purchasing a business booth booth, you agree to:
    • Follow all county codes, governmental policies and ordinances, security guidance, and all festival policies