City of Memphis Fire Code

Inside Displays 

  • No hay, straw or untreated cotton bales are allowed inside a place of public assembly. 
    All decorative materials including, but not limited to, draperies, drops and curtains used in places of assembly, shall be noncombustible, inherently flame resistant or treated and maintained fire resistant when tested. Certificates denoting that the materials are fire resistant or have been treated to be fire resistant shall be required by the Fire Official. 
  • No person shall cause or permit any open flame, candles, torches, etc. to be used in any place of assembly, except that candles may be used on tables if securely supported on substantial noncombustible bases so located as to avoid danger of ignition of combustible materials and only if approved by the authority having jurisdiction. The candle flame shall be protected. 
  • Exit doors shall not be locked, blocked or otherwise concealed or obscured by decorations, drapes, mirrors or any other tapestries. 
  • All electrical connections shall be in accordance with the Electrical Code. 
  • All electrical cords, sound cable or other trip hazards shall be safeguarded. 
  • All fire protection, i.e., hose cabinets, fire alarm pull station, exit signs, etc., shall be visible and accessible at all times. 
  • No part of a stairway, whether interior or exterior, hallway, corridor, vestibule, balcony or bridge leading to a stairway or exit, shall be used in a manner that will obstruct its use as an exit or that will present a hazardous condition. 

Use of Extension Cords 

Extension cords are permitted only with portable appliances or fixtures while in immediate use subject to the following: 

  • Each extension cord shall be plugged directly into an approved receptacle and shall, except for approved multiplying extension cords, serve only one appliance or fixtures. 
    The current capacity of the cord shall not be less than the rated capacity of the appliance or fixture. 
  • The extension cord shall be maintained in good condition without splices, deterioration or damage. 
  • The extension cord shall be of the grounded type when servicing grounded appliances or fixtures. 
  • Extension cords and flexible cords shall not be affixed to structures, extend through walls, ceilings, floors, under doors or floor coverings, nor be subject to environmental damaging physical impact. 

Inside Vehicle-Storage 

No vehicles are to be parked inside a building except for display or for service purposes only (food distribution). During display, the following shall be complied with: 
• Fuel tanks shall be drained to less than 1/4 tank. 
• Fuel caps taped shut or fitted with locking cap. 
• "Hot" lead of battery disconnected. 

Cooking (Demonstrations) and Commercial Cooking 

  • Each cooking booth shall have a minimum rated extinguisher of 2A 4OBC. 
  • Single-well cooking equipment using combustible oils or solids, (deep fryer, dry pan, etc.) shall comply with the following: 
    - Be limited to 288 sq. in. of cooking surface. 
    - Be placed on a noncombustible surface, such as metal, hardwood board glass, etc. 
    - Be separated from each other by a minimum horizontal distance of 2 ft. Containers having a maximum water capacity of 12 lb (5.4 kg) [nominal 5 lb (2kg) LP-Gas capacity may be used temporarily inside buildings for public exhibitions or demonstrations, including use in classroom demonstrations. If more than one such container is located in the same room, the containers shall be separated by at least 20 ft. (6 in). 
  • Listed and approved LP-Gas commercial food service appliances shall be permitted to be used in attended commercial food catering operations provided that no commercial food service appliances shall have more than two (2) 10-oz nonrefillable butane gas containers having a maximum water capacity of 1.08 lb per container connected directly to the appliance at any time and container(s) shall not be manifolded. The appliance fuel container(s) shall be an integral part of the listed, approved, commercial food service device and shall be connected without the use of a rubber hose. Butane containers shall be listed. 

Exhibit Booths 

  • The following shall be protected by automatic extinguishing systems: 
    - Single level exhibit booths greater than 300 sq ft and covered with a ceiling. 
    - The first level of multilevel exhibit booths. 
    - The second level of multilevel booths where the second level is covered with a ceiling. 
    - A single exhibit or group of exhibits with ceilings that do not require sprinklers shall be separated by a minimum of 10 ft where the aggregate ceiling exceeds 300 sq ft. 
  • The water supply and piping for the sprinkler system may be of approved temporary means taken from an existing domestic water supply, an existing standpipe, or an existing sprinkler system. 
    - Exception No. 1: Ceilings that are constructed of open grate design or listed dropout ceilings in accordance with NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems, shall not be considered ceilings within the context of this section. 
    - Exception No. 2: Vehicles, boats and similar exhibited products having over 100 sq ft of roofed area shall be provided with smoke detectors acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction. 

Outside Display 

  • No outside display shall block or obstruct any exit door or access to an exit door. 
  • All outside displays that are under cover of the building roof or extension of the roof or porch area shall be governed by the same rules of an inside display. 
  • A 20 ft. roadway shall be maintained for fire equipment access to all parts of the building and displays. 
  • All hydrants and fare department connections shall be unobstructed at all times. 
    All tents and awnings 10' x 12' (120 sq ft) or larger shall be treated with a flame retardant treatment. An affidavit shall be kept on location at all times or label is to be sewn onto the material. Any person erecting a tent 120 sq ft or larger shall obtain a permit from the Fire Marshal's office. 
  • All cooking equipment shall have regulator(s) at appliance and gas cylinder(s). All supply lines (tubing or hoses) shall be leak-tight and in good repair. Hoses shall be listed for the type of product it supplies. 
  • All compressed gas cylinders (propane, butane, carbon dioxide, etc.) shall be adequately secured to prevent failing or being knocked over by means or cables, chains, racks, etc. (combustible ropes will not be accepted). Cylinders shall be located away from cooking appliances. Fuel cylinders shall not be used unless they have a current hydrostatic test. 

Thank you for your cooperation in these areas of mutual concern. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact City of Memphis/Division of Fire Services at (901) 320-5415.